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Chairman Message
Mr. Mitsuji Konoshita Chairman of
the Board

The year 2015 marks many positive Historical High records of our Group of Companies such as Highest annual Profit ever, about 583 million baht, Highest Quarterly profit ever 4 times in a year, Largest Portfolio ever, more than 9 billion baht, Highest Annual Revenue, about 2.5 billion, and so on.

These results had been achieved since our New Business model had started to show the real value of it which had been started in Cambodia with strong intention to create new and original type of business by us, The Digital Finance Platform Provider. The Digital Finance Platform bring us to be historical high profit with new income resource from supplier which normally only from consumer in a normal consumer finance type business. Also because of the digital finance platform make our company OPEX and INVESTMENT very low, so that the profitability of the business will be remarkably higher and expansion of the business extremely faster, especially because the new business model is planned and integrated to fit to the Rural Area of ASEAN where the Emerging Volume Zone population are.

As a result, in Laos, our subsidiary Group Lease Laos had been given license by National Bank of Laos in May 2015, and recoded first profitable month in September 2015, and the new contract basis market share reached to top share in Laos in October 2015 too.

Now our POS (Point of Sales) cover widespread with high density as real network and our original integrated IT system covers extensively with high efficiency each country.

In the Message from Chairman in Annual report 2014, I had declared to all shareholders ‘The year 2014 marks an important turning point for our company… expand our businesses into the high-growth and high-profit markets of CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam)’. And I had committed ‘I am confident that we will achieve greater success and more profits in the years to come’. It had become reality and now successfully accelerated to higher growth speed too.

This year we will start operation in Indonesia with a great partner of J-Trust group with J-Trust Bank Indonesia. The Indonesia has population of 250million and 13 thousand Islands which means there are lots of Emerging Volume Zone Population and almost unlimited Rural Areas. Our promised land is there. Even with rather smaller population, 16 million in Cambodia and 6 million in Laos we have achieved great expansion with good profit which is increasing every quarter, Indonesia must be the place where we could make much further expansion.

This year I commit 3 results to the shareholders. First, we will start our business to Indonesia which is our promised land with fast expansion and we will achieve profit earliest. Second we keep strong growth in Cambodia and Laos which will bring us more profit, Third we keep our Thailand operation will show more profitability with proper control of the portfolio quality.

While the expansion into CLMV is top priority, we are also pursuing our broader objective to become a leading “ASEAN Regional Finance Company” by planning to enter the Indonesian market, which is the largest in ASEAN. I am pleased to report that this should become a reality soon after we forged a strategic alliance in early 2015 with the J -Trust Group of Japan which subscribed to US$30 million worth of our convertible debentures. We plan to enlist the cooperation of J Trust’s banking subsidiary in Indonesia – PT Bank Mutiara – to facilitate our entry into the market there soon.

In Thailand itself, we are consolidating a much larger business base after our takeover of Thanaban in mid-2014. Going forward, I am confident that we can use our Thailand headquarters as a springboard to expand into other Southeast Asian countries to capitalize on the enormous potentials that will open up alongside the emerging ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our stake-holders – our business partners, our clients, our management and staffs – for their support all along which is crucial behind our success so far. I trust all of you will continue to provide your full support and cooperation so that we can together achieve much bigger things in the years ahead.